Parkside Mortgage is an independent mortgage company licensed in KY, IN, TN, and FL. Our efficient business model allows us to offer rates below the national average while providing above-average service. Specialized loan products are available that you won’t find at the typical big-box lender or bank.

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Adam J Schaber
President and Owner
14 Years Experience

Conventional Loans

Conventional loans are home loans that are not guaranteed or insured by the government. Conventional loans are a good option for borrowers with high income and credit scores. Parkside Mortgage is able to offer some of the most competitive rates available on conventional loans, and are able to offer a quick closing thanks to our advanced processing.

FHA Loans

FHA Loans are insured by Federal Housing Administration. The FHA’s mission is to protect lenders, allowing more borrowers to be able to purchase homes. Because of this, Parkside Mortgage is able to offer very competitive rates, meaning that you can get approved for a low down payment. Additionally, we are able to accept credit scores down to 560 FICO and still approve you for a FHA Loan.

Jumbo Loans

Jumbo loans are non-conforming loans that exceed the conventional loan limit for your county. In most areas of Kentucky, this is $424,100 for a single-family residence. Parkside Mortgage has a broad jumbo loan product line, allowing us to offer very competitive rates. We can also close quickly, needing only a paycheck stub and photo ID to pre-approve borrowers.

Non-Prime Loans

Non-prime loans are loans that do not fit into government lending standards. Often known as fixer loans, they are intended for borrowers who need a little help before qualifying for prime loans. This may include borrowers who have had credit events such as bankruptcies, short sales or late payments. These are also an excellent option for self-employed borrowers, as bank statements can be used to document income, with no tax returns needed.

USDA Loans

USDA Loans are provided by the US Department of Agriculture to help families and individuals own safe and sanitary homes, particularly those with low or very low incomes. These loans are only in rural and suburban areas. In rural areas, Parkside Mortgage can offer 100% financing in rural areas.

VA Loans

Provided by the Veterans Administration, VA Loans provide American veterans and active duty military the opportunity to purchase a home. These mortgages are guaranteed by the VA, allowing Parkside Mortgage to offer extremely competitive rates, and accept credit scores down to 560 FICO.